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Kathy Rhodes

Kathy Rhodes is a singer/songwriter from the south of England, living in Bordeaux, south-west France.

Armed with a guitar and a soft, trippy voice, Kathy presents a mixed bag of indie folk originals, and occasionally some covers, filled with elegance, charm and uplifting, intimate, soothing moments of calm contrasting with dynamic bursts of emotion.

Kathy's work is « sublime »! Her songs have been described as such by the prolific French author/historian Dominique Lormier. And she has often been compared to artists such as Natalie Merchant and Patti Smith.

With 3 albums and a new EP (2018) under her hat, Kathy is now reaching audiences in new places through festivals, busking and concerts.

Kathy's latest album is defiant from the start with its beatnik title of "Howl", analysing in 14 original songs, human emotions and behaviour, expressing malaise and protest against modern society, and projecting sentiments of love, frustration, joy, despair and uncertainty. The thought-provoking «A little white dream» aims to mobilise the public against greed and big business, interjecting with a native American saying «When you've cut down the last tree, poisoned the last river then you will know that you can't eat money». «Jacaranda Avenue» proclaims the value of doing what we love rather than being a conventional, modern-day slave.

New album 2016 "HOWL" 14€ inc delivery

Kathy Rhodes Howl Album 2016

These radio stations have so far broadcast tracks from «Howl»: Pons Radio (Pons, France); Jelli Records Radio (Bristol UK) ; Reseau Paul Bert (Bordeaux) ; Radio People (Switzerland) ; Bay FM 100.3, (Redland Bay, Australia) and CHU Radio, (Bordeaux).

Before she left the UK, Kathy played at venues in London : The Acoustic Room at the Mean Fiddler, Harlesdon ; The Purple Turtle, Camden ; The Swan at Stockwell ; Bunjies Coffee House and Folk Cellar. In 1998, She moved to the South-West of England, where she recorded some of her songs and started to perform at venues in Bath and Bristol. But then she started working 9-to-5 by mistake! Finding meaning beyond music didn't come easy, a dead-end job, an Open University degree, a new language … running away?!

She moved to the French countryside in 2006, and a winding route filled with uncertainty eventually brought her to Bordeaux in the spring of 2011. It was the noise of this town that inspired her to get back to singing and songwriting.

The first song she wrote after reclaiming her destiny in Bordeaux was « The Strangest Shape », an expression of joy and the desire to make Bordeaux her home. «On the road to Paradise » through her own personal «Jacaranda Avenue» Kathy has mostly performed and recorded solo and all her recordings are original songs. You'll find her performing her songs at bars, restaurants, markets and public squares around Bordeaux, France, its UK twin city, Bristol, and sometimes as far as Australia at the Brisbane State Library Café.

At last, Kathy's doing what she should always have done and now she is happily writing, recording and performing again with a real sense of purpose and determination.

"Howl" written and performed by Kathy Rhodes

An interview with Télévision Bordeaux-33 in which Kathy performs her song "Windermere"